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10000 Customer base for Membersdrive in 2019

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@math_1007 what is Membersdrive?
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Hey @souhailmerroun , Membersdrive is a Contact Management and Communication software for Entrepreneurs and Organizations. As a user you can create and organize different contact profiles in Tables such as Customers, Team, Investors... and you can even add attachment to records. Then you have Multiple Communication Channel (SMS, Email , Push) built in. One of the users we are building for includes Saas Companies so they can focus on their actual product and not have to develop a User Management admin. Using Membersdrive API to send Users data and automate communications. For other users that doesn't use our API, our interfaces are very easy to use directly. One cool thing is you woun't have to move contacts data between Spreadsheet, Forms and communication software anymore. We have a V2 Coming out in Feb, would you like first access when we launch. Thanks.
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@math_1007 cool. thanks for explaining. good luck.