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Get 100 First Users of CabStartup

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@mary_samuelson what is cabstartup? something like Uber?
@souhailmerroun CabStartup is a platform where taxi and transportation businesses (even Startups) can use the dispatch system and mobile apps to operate like Uber and Lyft, without investing millions of dollars to develop their own technology. CabStartup is basically the technology provider to help businesses become the next Uber like business.
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@mary_samuelson aha! this looks nice. Do you have already using clients?
@souhailmerroun yes we recently launched our solution and we are getting good response 😉
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@mary_samuelson Amazing then, good luck. The Uber system is revolutionary for transportation. I'm such a big fan of it.
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@souhailmerroun Uber has transformed the whole industry. It has entered in other services industry as well like delivery, beauty, shuttle service etc.
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