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@marcojelli Is this inside the VentureMark? I'm very curious about it! haha
@luanmuniz haha - yup. What are you most curious about?
@marcojelli Everything. Funding for me and others is something that got my eyes i the latests months so see your TODO list is interesting.
@luanmuniz cool - yeah. The broad mission is to accelerate angel investment in startup ecosystems around the world. The product's initial focus is organizing investments and relationships for global angels and making it easier for them to share opportunities. Within this we have a better way for founders to manage their relationships with investors and advisors (part of our ambition to be the source of truth for early stage angel investors everywhere). Since the majority of early stage investors use heuristics and momentum signals to get an idea of a startup founder's ability, we're thinking about how we can more easily incorporate this into founder/company profiles. This way we can support the earliest stage of network-driven investment with friendly, thoughtfully displayed data. At the moment we're iterating our ux with a handful of investors. If you're interested in trying out, email: and let me know your top 3 obstacles around investment and what solution you would expect VentureMark to provide :-).