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Launch a product on PH

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@marcoafabrega Same task as me for this week. How much work do you put into this? It seems like some people totally go nuts and prepare for weeks, others just post it.
@marcoafabrega @stephan_gabler Product Hunt is a must when launching a product, you get a lot of traffic so you should better be prepared to fully benefit from it. Read this in-depth blog post by @efounders for more insights : What we learned about Product Hunt after 4 startup launches and more than 4000 upvotes
@stephan_gabler This is more of a current long term goal for me. At the moment I am focused on building in an efficient and sustainable manner and getting early feedback from my target audience. I plan on launching on PH towards the end of the year!
@marcoafabrega @efounders @fmerian Thank you Florent. I already read a few articles on the topic, but this one seems to contain a few new angles and detailed analysis. I'll check it out. Thanks a lot
@marcoafabrega for early feedback and as part of your pre-launch plan, you should consider Ship by Product Hunt. Looking forward to it :)