Marcel Christianis
Marcel Christianis@marcelc63 · Jakarta, Indonesia

Ship alpha prototype of Turn Base Game [No Name yet]

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@marcelc63 while I never made games myself, I used to work in gaming prior to Product Hunt. Are you building a digital or physical/board game?
@rrhoover I'm building a digital game (with rules that can easily be applied to physical/board game I guess). If you ever heard of Naruto-Arena it is greatly inspired by that. Mainly this project is a test-bed for me to learn technologies. E.g., front-end using Vue.js, wrap them around Require.js, data transfer with GraphQL, look into GCP (since mostly I used AWS), react-native for mobile (or go native with swift & kotlin), etc. And on the business side I wish to learn community management (there are remnants of Naruto-Arena community wishing for a revival of the game), plan a proper project runway/financial modeling/growth projection, growth hacking/marketing, and hopefully learn how to set up a good monetization model. Beyond that it has always been my dream to make a game :D