Marcel Christianis
Marcel Christianis@marcelc63 · Jakarta, Indonesia

Prepare Product #2 for beta

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@christopher_lee4 I actually wanted to make an extension of Product Hunt Previewer with more features. But just stumbled on Preview Hunt, which has most of what I wanted to build. Not sure why I didn't research more thoroughly so not sure whether or not I should continue working on this :/
@marcelc63 Oh no.. sometimes that happens :(. Will say though that products aren't everything. distribution & marketing matters more than product people think (which, speaking to the people on PRODUCT hunt, needs to be emphasized sometimes haha)
@christopher_lee4 In your opinion, should I continue or search for something else to build?
@christopher_lee4 After some thought I think I will continue finish this product even though something similar is out there. Like you said, the product is not always everything, but a lot of other factors are in play. In this case for me what's important is for me to constantly ship product. Thanks for the advice :)
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