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Get feedback from beta testers

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@manasvinik How have you gone about getting feedback, and how has the response been?
@manasvinik @leandro8209 LMK if you need more beta testers 😄
@leandro8209 @abadesi so late (what can I say, I procrastinated 🙃) but here it is at last: Please let me know what you think! :D
@leandro8209 @manasvinik I like it! Feedback - 15 questions is a lot, although it goes quickly. You could make it more fun by having gifs or visuals or instead og strongly agree / disagree more fun working like - NAH / YEAH or whatever. The results page is way more visually stimulating which I like.
@abadesi Great points both. Made it a little shorter (removed a few questions) and changed the copy! :) Thanks Abadesi!
@manasvinik Would love to try and share feedback.
@mhrnik Thanks Mihir! Getting it online asap, and your feedback would be great! :)
@mhrnik Finally finished! Let me know what you think! :)
@manasvinik count me for beta testing. Love to provide feedback.
@manasvinik over all it looks good. I got confused on this page. The box is too small and I got confused and thought I need to select from these option. In questions, Instead of putting numbers in vertical order, put in the horizontal order. It will be much easy to understand and select. Need little bit work on result page. Lots of things to read.
@keyul Thanks for the feedback, Keyul! That's weird, the alignment seems to be off in the screenshot. The questions are in fact in horizontal order right now. Can I ask what device you used?
@manasvinik it was monitor with screen size 1280 x 1024
@manasvinik I just tried this out. I love the design and general user experience, I can tell a good amount of effort went into it. Also, great domain name. I went through the quiz, and the result was very accurate! I also didn't expect actual ways on how to fix my procrastination. Nothing to add here, well done!
@leandro8209 Thanks so much for giving it a go and the feedback! 😀