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Make a "20 companies I want to work for" list

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@mahad_aamir I have such a list too. What is important for you when choosing the company?
@aleks_muse That's awesome! For me the most important factors are: - Mission (What the company stands for) - Culture (Positive environment pushing the importance of employee growth) - Brand (How the company presents itself to the world) What are some important factors you emphasize for your list?
@mahad_aamir I'm looking for the vision, the product, the culture, and the community. That's all about authenticity and empathy for me. As an example, I would work for Airbnb not because of their funding, brand or salary, but because I'm a loyal user, their product really changed the way I travel and I love their community efforts. That resonates with me and I want to contribute to their efforts! Kinda approach I have :)
@aleks_muse Using the company's product is a good point to emphasize haha, completely forgot. Airbnb is on my list as well but for somewhat different reasons. I love their mission, allowing travellers to feel like they belong anywhere. Love their branding, logo, site. It looks so beautiful while still having such a seamless UX. I think Brand is so important to be because I am a product designer and those things really stand out to me. Most of all Airbnb is on my list because of their story. I have heard countless podcasts of Brian and Joe talking about their story. Hearing about their perseverance, passion and commitment to make their goal a reality and I want to be a part of that culture. Hopefully, we can both someday experience being a part of the Airbnb team! 🤞🏻
@aleks_muse @mahad_aamir Having a list like this is so important, I advise everyone in Hustle Crew to do it! I judge companies by their flexibility (letting people work remotely), commitment to diversity and inclusion, how they pay in line with competitors/market rates and also how past employees rate the founders/leadership. I was offered a job by Airbnb same time as Product Hunt so if you do end up applying for a role there, let me know I'd be happy to share advice from my recruitment experience. 🙂
@aleks_muse @abadesi That's awesome! Let's set up a call sometime, would love to hear more about this and also hustle crew!
@mahad_aamir Share the list when you have it -- maybe someone on the Maker Goals page works for one of them 😸
@abadesi Will do! Product Hunt is going to be high up on the list ❤️
@mahad_aamir I see you completed the goal. Curious to see your list! :)
@rrhoover The list order is tentative. I put everything into a spreadsheet where I am going to rank by brand, mission, culture, and then also list who I know from each company. Here are the top 20 companies I would love to work for: 1. Product Hunt 2. Airbnb 3. Angel List 4. LinkedIn 5. Shopify 6. Invision 7. AirTable 8. Snapchat 9. 10. Webflow 11. Netflix 12. Apple 13. Instagram 14. Amazon 15. PlayStation 16. Twitter 17. Youtube 18. Konrad Group 19. Delloite 20. Google
@ababesi Here is the list as promised ^ 😺