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Get a new house plant 🌴

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@lucillevigne Which type are you getting? I love my spider plant 💕
@abadesi Actually,I was about to buy a spider plant yesterday 😃
@lucillevigne I'm also in need of some new house plants. I'm just not very good at keeping them alive. Do you have any tips on plants that require minimum human interaction and still thrive? (and are also non-toxic to curious dogs 🐶)
@ems_hodge I'm so bad at plants sorry... 🙈 This is why I want a spider plant because it's easy to take care of
@lucillevigne haha maybe thats the one for me too then!
@lucillevigne Are you planning on getting fake plants? 🌱 cc @rrhoover
@rrhoover @amrith Nah, I don't like fake plants 😶