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Read "Hackers and Painters" by Paul Graham

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@lubo Paul Graham shares some really MIND BLOWING insights. Have a good read.
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@souhailmerroun, thank you! I've read his entire blog. I've heard that this book is quite awesome and I decided to give it a shot. 😉
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@lubo same thing here. Before he published the book, I had a big document where I outlined all of his AWESOME articles in order of importance. I'd say my favorites are the ones about "systems vs goals" and "procrastination vs motivation"
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@souhailmerroun, nice! I personally don't have any favorites. Some of the concept are right, others can be definitely questioned for further data validation. I always keep in mind that there is, however, a sip of image making and marketing in these articles so I never trust a person's opinion 100% unless strongly supported with evidence and proof.