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Write a blog post about BN getting accepted to the Primer program and publish it

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@lubo What are u using for writing blog posts? just notepad or something like grammarly or hemingway app?
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@alexwawl, I use both Grammarly and Hemingway, actually. 😉 It turns out that I cannot write without Grammarly anymore. Seriously, it's very convenient to have a 24/7 spell checker. What tools do you use?
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@lubo Just start searching something for me.. Want to start write and share my experience but I'm not native speaker so I need some help^_^ . Hemingway also has spell checker - or it's not very good and you check in grammarly also?
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@alexwawl, I prefer Grammarly, to be honest. Well, I also use some friend's help when it comes to proofreading. A native speaker works best, if you ask me. 😄
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@lubo So schema is write by yourself -> check in Hemingway -> check in grammarly -> sent to native speakers :)
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@lubo @alexwawl if you ever need a proof reader I can help 😊
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