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@lubo hey! on what product are u working on?
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Hi, @alexwawl! We're currently developing a wearable headset that enables computers to read your emotional states by sensing your body and brain. Our headset measures brain signals, heart rate, and skin response in real-time and understands human emotional and cognitive states such as concentration, workload, fatigue, stress, and more. Together with our headset, we provide a software development kit that can be used independently or together with other major platforms like the Unity game engine, raspberry pi, the robot operating system, and more. Our goal is to empower researchers, developers, and businesses to solve problems or create new experiences by using physiological data.
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This is my e-mail: so let me know if you have any questions, comments, critical feedback and - if that sounds interesting to you at all - whether you want me to include you in our list and e-mail you more info as soon as we launch. Thank you for engaging with us!
@lubo Sounds very cool and nice challenge. I launched Worfor - Curated list of jobs and internships in AI industry. So when you will need hire somebody you can ping me I'll make you good offer.
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@alexwawl, definitely will! What's the best way to connect with you?
@lubo just ping me in private Product Hunt chat or in twitter DM. Good luck with launch and I will care about your future hires;)
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