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Prepare a short list (2-5) of questions about venture capital and fundraising for startups that will be asked to Norman Winarsky personally.

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More about the tonight's lecture: Come join Norman Winarsky, Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center, and Campus X for a chat on the topic of Artificial Intelligence this October 15th. Norman Winarsky has helped found over 50 ventures and has a particular focus on natural language, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. (See - He is Past President of SRI (Stanford Research Institute) Ventures, co-founder of the voice assistant SIRI (acquired by Apple Inc. in 2010), an Emmy award winner for technology related to the development of HDTV, and an American author and angel investor. Norman is also a Lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Venture Partner at Relay Ventures, and a Strategic Advisor to Health2047, a subsidiary of the American Medical Association. Questions that I'd like to ask related to AI: - How do you envision the development of AI startups in the near future? What trends to do you foresee? Where should startups focus their development efforts in order to ensure success? - Provide 2-3 examples of a successful startups that do something with AI? What in your opinion is the ingredient that makes them successful? - What's the difference between real AI startups in US, Europe, and Asia based on you observations? Questions that I'd like to ask related to Startup Capital Fundraising: - What does an AI startup need to show in order to attract an investor's interest? Is there an MVP needed or is just a napkin idea more than enough to attract venture capital? - Which are the most active investors supporting AI startups? Which are the best accelerator programs that are focused on AI startups? - In which industries do you think AI startups can have a significant impact? Please provide any feedback and comments.