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Lyubomir Hristev@lubo · Customer Success Manager @ Gtmhub

Get 5 PH Hunters in our leads pipeline for future collaboration when introducing our product to the PH community

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Hello @lubo 👋, Happy to help here.
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@divyapatel, thank you so much! I'd be happy to get in touch with you and provide a brief info about the product that we're currently working on. There's still a lot of time (a year and so) until we're ready to launch but I want to start connecting with product leaders and hunter on PH who'd like to learn more, provide valuable feedback, and join the community of Berger Neurorobotics "Troopers" (the first 100 users who will be able given private access to our product for testing purposes). I'd love to send you some more info. Would doing that via e-mail be convenient for you? Please ping me at and let me know! Thank you!