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Become a data scientist (I know, I know... this isn't a SMART goal)

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@lolatesla what stage of the journey are you at now?
@abadesi it's tough to say because I have fairly solid statistics proficiency from school, but need to work on building my Python knowledge. However, the only thing that holds my attention enough to learn from are actual projects with problems I have to solve. So my dream is that I could find a data scientist that would let me help with a project they are working on. There should be an apprenticeship search for stuff like this.
@lolatesla Gotcha! What are you building that needs data science? Is there a way you could no-code it, or hack it in a simpler way?
@abadesi oh I’m just learning it for passion’s sake. Not for any specific project. It’s just what I want to do with my life :)
@abadesi @lolatesla Have you tried something like Kaggle? :) You might find a good competition ( to use as a goal/project/motivation to learn, and the Learn courses as a learning resource (!
@lolatesla That's cool! I'm sure you can find some folks in the Makers community to help you out if you ever need data science expertise.