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Enlist everyone here to help launch Tryst @ next week. 6 months free Premier membership ($180 value)

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@lksugarman Cool concept! I'm curious: where do people currently go to get off together online these days, now that chatrooms are kind of gone?
@anthilemoon Good question! From the people I've spoken to, sometimes it can happen via Tinder connections. Craigslist is creepy. But, no one is specifically creating a destination that is specifically designated for online hookups. Tryst is an online sex club for everyone, regardless of gender, preferences, or kinks. A non-judgmental safe space to engage, maybe explore and experiment.
@lksugarman Really like it. Super curious to see how you do manage to keep it safe and non-judgemental. It's so hard to foster positive communities in the sex space. Thanks for making this!
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@anthilemoon We are enlisting the membership to report transgressors, as well as monitoring as much as possible. We have a very low tolerance for unacceptable behavior. We were surprised to see that some high-profile dating apps allow pictures that include children. That is absolutely not allowed in Tryst. We don't think exposing children's images online is a smart idea plus, we can't know if those kids really belong to that person. By disallowing this, we do our part to safeguard against child trafficking.
GirlGroove really didn't have a chance to get off the ground, due to several real reasons. Would anyone be interested in reading a post-mortem that details my mistakes?