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Landing page concept

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@lillekas What are you working on?
@lillekas @simonemeta We are working on a PDF generation API, which allows for fully customizable document templates and automatic population with existing data in your systems. Check it out here:
@lillekas is this web based?
@lillekas @jleebiz Yes, it is...we do however have an option to host on-premise, if needed...
@lillekas been in the market for a document generator. Question, is there a concept of partials? Looking for a solution that'll allow me to stitch partial documents together based on data.
@lillekas @jleebiz Hi James! I'm Tanel and working with Sven on PDF Generator API. We don't have the exact concept of "partial templates", but we support conditional hide/show for content blocks, so you can show part of pages only if a specific condition is matched. It is possible to merge multiple templates into single document. You can find more info from links below: https://support.pdfgeneratorapi....