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Write 2 more episodes of my web series

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@latasha_kennedy What is the series called? 👀
@lanre__akin It's called, She's Such a Mom. It's a comedic series about a young mom living in Brooklyn, NY who's struggling to balance marriage, motherhood, and her career. She's wearing a lot of hats, and she drops at least one or two - regularly. The series explores what it means to "have it all", women in the workplace, the superwoman complex, and the ideals that women are constantly trying to balance in their personal and professional lives. I wanna make you laugh and go, "hmmmm??"
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@latasha_kennedy This sounds very interesting! Sounds very much like myself, minus the mom :) Where can we find this web series?
@latasha_kennedy @nayamoss I'm also interested in knowing where we can find 🤩
@nayamoss @lanre__akin Y'all so dope! We haven't shot it yet. But it's a big goal to get'er done! I'll keep sharing! 😉
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@lanre__akin @latasha_kennedy Yes please do, I'm so excited!
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