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Try to use this for a couple days?

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@kshitij_choudhary I'll be there (but also enjoying some sun)
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@syswarren haha , over the weekend. How is the new team btw :D
@syswarren +1 for letting me cheer myself
@kshitij_choudhary Obvi you can cheer on yourself, you should be your first cheerleader! 👯‍♀️
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@kshitij_choudhary Would love to know your thoughts on it so far! 😸
@amrith liking it so far! just trying to see how this can be more engaging. Points? Leaderboard? i don't know but I want to find a reason to be here everyday just to build the habit of coming here. Is there be a way to tag the product you are working on ( if it's already hunted on PH) ? btw I can't tag people as in can't see the list of the people by typing @ ! But great job on the whole thing! Liking how PH is shaping up :) cc @rrhoover @angeliquesocial
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@kshitij_choudhary thanks for the feedback! We have a bunch of things coming soon and we're slowly adding more folks to the beta from our 5k person waitlist which should make everything even more lively. :)
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Welcome @kshitij_choudhary, how do you like Makers so far?
@kshitij_choudhary Woohoo thanks for being a part of it.