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Get 2000 People on Sideway Waitlist

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@kshitij_choudhary congrats, that's impressive! 😀 Would love to know how you did it 🤗
@steve_lourdessamy thank you, really appreciate it! I didn't really expected that good of a response but apparently all I did was write a Medium blog post and it exploded on Designer News and then got republished on Noteworthy ( The journal ) on medium. I got about 6-7k views in a week on Medium and 3k of them actually read the blog of which about 1800+ people signed up. I think what worked here was that the problem I am trying to address is something that most people care about in the UI/UX , Product Design community. My plan is to post it again on HackerNews ( centring the story around how I built the platform in the first place because of the interest of HackerNews would be around that) and then eventually on Reddit. This should get us past 5000+ on the waitlist I hope. Eventually launching on PH as well :)
@steve_lourdessamy @kshitij_choudhary wow good job on that! Would love to read your piece if you have a link :) You'll get there, 5,000+ seems reasonable if you tap into Hackernews!