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Don't die of boredom in Dubai

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@ksaitor haha, what brings you to Dubai? I hear it's pretty incredible.
@rrhoover visiting my gf for a month. Dubai is certainly fascinating. If you are visiting for a week… But pretty bad for working remotely, imho 👇 Pros: - nice food - exotic culture, desert, skyscrapers, "opulence", etc… Cons for remote work: - Internet is sh*t. Skype, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and all other VoIP calls are blocked. Even Telegram messaged don't always load. - work week is screwed up - Friday is day off. Sunday is a work day — it's weird to sync that with the rest of the world. - suits everywhere - not very inspiring 😒 - hot: 44 Celsius - 111.2 Fahrenheit — hanging outside is a tourture - expensive
@rrhoover @ksaitor Are you using a VPN to get around blocked sites? Here is a list
@rrhoover @abadesi oh yeah, forgot to mention that VPN's are illegal in Emirates too 😂 Most VPN sites would not even load. Blocked on DNS level… I tried 10+ so far with little success
@rrhoover @ksaitor Whoa 😱 I thought they were trying to become one of most progressive cities...
@abadesi i thought so to. And that's what they say. They even have an initiative to "put Dubai government on blockchain by 2020" — whatever that means 😒