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Find a sustainable business model for Brewtime w/ added value

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@krizmarek what is Brewtime about?
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@souhailmerroun Thanks for the question Souhail. Brewtime is the app we've developed a year ago for coffee enthusiasts. It's a simple timer which helps you with all the steps you need to do to prepare yourself a great cup of filtered coffee. In the last year, we gained more than 15k users and we think that this is the right time for developing a business model :) We think about something like curated coffee to buy every month...What do you think?
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@krizmarek I never drank a cup of coffe :p I'm not your ideal customer at all. But wow, 15k users who are interested, there is for sure something to do about it. Good luck.
@souhailmerroun Yes! And with 0$ marketing spend 😉
@souhailmerroun And thank you for your mental support )))