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Improve conversion of people visiting and providing feedback

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@kraenhansen How do you plan to achieve this goal? Will you be conducting an A/B test, or launching a new campaign in your support tool (Intercom etc) to help drive up conversion etc?
@kraenhansen * Allow me to edit my choices and criteria. I don't want to delete them. * Have some examples as placeholder text so I get an understanding of what to do. * There may be better adjectives for the scale than Bad - Great. They didn't make a lot of sense with my scenario. * Replace 'of' with a dash or colon or something. Some of the generated texts didn't make a lot of sense. 'Time spent of Workout' vs 'Time Spent: Workout' / 'Time Spent: Workout' / 'Workout - Time Spent' * Have a way to set custom criteria. eg: Criteria text: 'Amount of time spent' Critera type: 'range' Range values: 'low ---- medium ---- high' Criteria cost: 'low' = -1, 'medium' = 0, 'high' = +1 Criteria text: 'Involves other people' Criteria type: 'boolean' (creates a true / false checkbox) Criteria cost: false = -1, true = +1 My scenario, for your records: Choices: - Workout - Develop - Sleep Criteria: - Time spent - Energy spent - Could make me money - Makes me happy - Advances my career
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