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Survey for Early User Group

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@kireetivarma Hey Kireeti! Just saw your maker goal - hope i'm not being intrusive but I just launched a service where you can survey 100 people for $12, and then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them! If you decide to give it a shot it's at, I'll pass you a full refund if you're not 110% happy with the results ;) Hope that helps, good luck with your surveying!
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@christopher_lee4 Thanks for sharing your product! :) I will check this soon. Does the user group consist Indians? (Because, we are building #Stn91 for India first.)
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@kireetivarma the predominant focus is US/CA/GB at the moment, there are a few Indians but certainly not majority. I'd caution against deciding on who your first adopters are before validating though - totally agree that you want to focus on one segment first, but imo it's better to cast the net wide and see what fish swim in to avoid bias. You can always survey the panel and see the kinds of people who MOST resonate with your product before focusing on them :). TIL Twitter thought teens were going to be their early adopters - they were wrong!
@christopher_lee4 I agree with what you said. But most of our offline engagement happens in India alone to start with. It is good to confine the user segment to get quick results. Geography is one metric that may be considered.
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