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Hit 50 customers for Sprintlio

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@kg7ftw why are you not showing pricing on the page?
@lucashuizinga we found that pricing immediately turned people away so this way we now have more conversations. We’re also still fine-tuning pricing.
@kg7ftw Sorry for meddling, but the pitch and look/feel of Sprintlio is very B2B, it feels like you're offering something clever that could be very valuable for teams. That being said, your first call to action is "try for free", and the footer even says "Get started. 100% free". This to me indicates that there is a freemium model available. Making me want to see the pricing options and features, instead of looking at the tool. If you'd be a client of mine I'd advise you to change the "Try for free" and the footer CTA so something like: Improve accountability or Experience better accountability. Change the sub text to: "Try Sprintlio for 30 days, no risk." Maybe consider removing the Get started. 100% free, and change that into: "Set up your team’s next retrospective today."
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@lucashuizinga great feedback! Will definitely look at implementing. Appreciate the suggestions!
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@lucashuizinga @kg7ftw I feel like you should definitely include some sort of pricing page. It'll be impossible to sell this to my team if I can't tell them how much it costs.
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@lucashuizinga @dqmonn1 Yeah, we will eventually. Right now it generates conversations and we're still learning!
@kg7ftw How are you going to find these customers? Ads or ..?
@okhlopkov we write weekly blog posts and share via social, Reddit, etc and that drives traffic. Being active on social generally helps drive traffic too. Engage existing customers for referrals and asking them to share our content. And outbound sales.
@okhlopkov @kg7ftw Did you know isn't indexed in Google? What happend there? Did you got a penalty from big G?
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@okhlopkov @lucashuizinga really?! Yikes gotta look into that