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Spaces request to @abadesi: Indie Hackers, Podcast Listeners, Book Readers, Bootstrap Buddies, Side projects

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@keyul So many cool ideas! 😄 Which one of these would be most helpful to you right now?
@keyul @abadesi indie, podcast & books 🙈
@abadesi podcast and book
@keyul @jonathanvoelkle podcast listeners and book readers are popular! And would you want to lead it / be admin or just be a part of it?
@keyul @abadesi Would love to help with the reading-space !
@jonathanvoelkle Awesome - I'll double check with @rrhoover but would be cool to launch it next week 📚
@abadesi my idea for space - foodies @keyul - glad to see you here, will try to post a new article soon! have a nice day
@keyul @arthur_tkachenko wonderful wonderful, please keep them coming 😄