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3 days fasting to feel better

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@kevinnth I'm gonna do this too. It's been a while since I last fasted.
@kevinnth I'd love to hear more about this. Will you only have water for three days?
@abadesi @newlifeshoes I'm not an expert on that, but I was intended to drink ony water for these three days, yes. I did eat very light on Friday and took my last meal (a light salad) on Saturday noon. Sunday at noon, I felt really weak, and bad actually, so I ate 2 peaches remaining from my empty fridge (+ some almond). The first bite in the peach was wow (so tasty). I did workout as usual (and maybe I shouldn't). I ate again on Monday evening with a light salad, and this evening I will start to eat more again. Please DM me if you have more questions :)
@newlifeshoes @kevinnth Sounds challenging - hope you are enjoying some benefits! I've never done a fast longer than 18 hours I think... maybe 24. I have exercised after 16 hour fasts but it's tough.
@newlifeshoes Really fine. It was difficult but I started to eat again yesterday evening. Today I feel really really good!