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@kevinguebert hey, how did you place hyper-link inside a goal ?!
@dayaldave It takes HTML! so it may look a little funky while you do it, but it outputs as a link: '< a href="LINK">text< /a>' but take out the spaces
@kevinguebert I tried it.. but it's not becoming a link. Eg:
@dayaldave so the weird thing is, when you look at it (as the person who made the link), it doesn't look like one. For me, that looks like a link and I can click on it.
@kevinguebert It worked fine now... there was one space earlier. Thanks! Check out:
Interesting concept @kevinguebert How are you planning to increase the number though?
@alincatalin thanks! If you have any feedback, let me know! Feel free to send me a message in the chat too. Right now, it's through mediums like this 😉but I have a list of resources (mainly blogs) that I haven't reached out to yet, so that's my main plan
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