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Prepare eSports agency deck

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@kelwynlooi That sounds interesting, what does your eSports agency mainly help with?
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@guillaumebardet Thanks Guillaume! I want to apply the infrastructure of the physical sports world to esports, democratised to individuals and people who *could* convert to being esports players - agents, scouts etc. (from a background dabbling in football!). Let me know what you think!
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@kelwynlooi Thank you for clarifying Kelwyn, I am honestly not very familiar with the eSports industry. However, it seems quite interesting. Are you hoping to do this for a long time? It sounds like the type of project where the most value will really come over time as the agency grows and signs more 'popular talents' or better yet takes smaller ones to become some of the major players. Wishing you the best with this :) Keep us updated!
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@guillaumebardet it’s more of a long term thing for me. It’s a bet on the industry (and the infrastructure needed to support it), as well as a predictive focus on where the talent will come from (beyond just performance tables and competitions)
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@kelwynlooi That's awesome, I hope it will go well!