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Examine using CV instead

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@kclewis0614 hey - what is this in reference to? are you jobhunting at the moment?
I am (so if you know anyone hiring 😉), but that isn't what this is in reference to, though I can see where the confusion lies. CV is, in this case at least, referring to Computer Vision, a method of using AI or ML to analyze images and either categorize them, or identify them. This pairs with one of my other task, "Find an API that will identify pets" in that I have a product I am in the investigation stages on since my primary partner, a CV company that had a model with exceptionally high specificity around animal identification, went out of business. This API behaviour is the cornerstone of my product, and it is not a viable solution without it, IMO. One could provide two images to their API, one reference, and one unknown, and it would return percentage confidence whether these two images were of the same animal or not. I think I have found a solution, but I am having issues getting the massive amount of high-quality training data I need to build my model.