Kate Darby
Kate Darby@katedarby_ · Co-Founder, Dovetail X

Record first Design Work podcast episode

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@katedarby_ Cool! Just curious, will it be about user research?
@jennyshen It will be about all kinds of design. The episodes will be interviews with creative thinkers designing their work, life and everything in between.
@jennyshen @katedarby_ Any interest in the Design of Work Experience? I'd love to talk about it on your podcast. Here's my product page on product hunt. :) http://bit.ly/2PNvYyH
@karenjaw looks great Karen! Definitely flick me an email (kate@dovetailx.com) and we can chat more :)
@katedarby_ Can't wait for this to come out. Good Luck!
@samanthabretous Thanks! I'll post back on here when the first ep is out 😄
@katedarby_ Excited to hear it when it comes out!
@uhohitssoyo Thanks! I'll post back up when it's live 😄