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Finish this f'ing Collaboration feature

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@kaitlynhanrahan LOL @ f'ing. Is this for Simply.Digital?
@rrhoover Yep, for https://www.producthunt.com/post.... It was always going to be a big complicated feature. But working on it exposed some technical debt, too. It's been a bit soul crushing to work on a single feature for so long...
@kaitlynhanrahan What are the blockers? It can't be easy juggling being a maker a mother and a wife 💛
@abadesi <3 Even as stripped down as I tried to make this first version of a collaboration feature-- it's still complicated. There is a lot to build front end and back and a lot to test where multiple users are interacting. There is joining, leaving, rejoining, changing ownership, blah blah blah. The invite process is important because the whole point of adding this feature is to get users to find me more users. The work exposed an existing bug with data being backed up -- which needs to be fixed for data to be synced across devices. And all these bumps in the road just have me sick of working on it. I know I just need to get it DONE, but it feels like the finish line is getting farther rather than closer the more I work on it...so I've started hating working on it. Hence the f'ing haha!
@kaitlynhanrahan Ah I see...seems like it will be incredibly value adding. I find the things worth having the most are the hardest to get. Life, eh?
@abadesi Yep! And I already have some easy win features lined up for once I can get past this.
@kaitlynhanrahan a little off topic on your goal, but I'm a huge fan of profanity. DHH also seems to agree!