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Set up balcony for writing

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@kaitlynhanrahan that's a nice goal. I wish I had a balcony to work from during spring
@syswarren Thanks :) It is nice. I really need to enjoy it before the heat and mosquitos ruin it
@kaitlynhanrahan That's a great idea especially if you live in the quiet area and have a good view 🙂
@aleks_muse It faces an internal courtyard that my pensioner Italian neighbors keep quite picturesque. Only holdup is getting my husband to drive me to Ikea to get the little patio set I want, hehe
@kaitlynhanrahan Very sweet. 😊Working in the patio is like the best 'work-from-home' set up for me. 😍
@kaitlynhanrahan This sounds dreamy! What does the setup include?
@abadesi Just a table and chairs. Our bicycles are taking up a lot of the space now, so those need a new home, too.
@kaitlynhanrahan Will be so nice to work outdoors once its cleared out. I like to work at my kitchen table because it looks out onto the park. Its a nice view when your eyes need a break from the screen 🌳🌳🌳
@abadesi I have my current desk up against a big picture-window. With past setups I've found that I end up bringing my laptop to the sunniest room in the house -- like the sun is a magnet! The balcony will be an exception to mix things up, but I love having so much light at my comfy work station with all its ergonomical goodness.
@kaitlynhanrahan I just did this for my balcony! I bought ~7sqm of synthetic grass and laid them outside, bought a nice foldable wood table and a power extension cord to get power outside. Italy sunshine does the rest to make it look pretty.
@fanahova I was about to reply asking if you are also in Italy before I read your last sentence 😊. I love how common balconies are here! So you enclosed it? I would love to have something I could close in the winter (or even mosquito season) and then enjoy open in nice weather...
@kaitlynhanrahan Yea, I used to have 2 at my mom's house, now I have just one but it's huge so I'm really happy with it! I didn't enclose it but I have sun screens. This is what it looks like to give you an idea: https://twitter.com/FanaHOVA/sta... , the grass is the same you'd see on 5-a-side football fields (Not sure where you are in Italy, but they are really common here in Rome). For mosquitos we just use zampironi on the balcony, they are mosquito-repellent incenses. The windows stay closed because it's way too hot in the summer to let the hot air in since the parquet absorbs it all. If you keep them open there's a lot of screens you can buy that are easily installable (called zanzariere).
@fanahova Oh that's very nice! We're by Re Di Roma where the balconies tend to be on the smaller side unless it's a huge attico. Ikea has some nice tables and stendini that can fold for using the space different ways. I just need to convince my husband to use his time off to bring me there 😂
@kaitlynhanrahan Haha I live at Giulio Agricola, just a few subway stops away. The IKEA is 10 mins from my place, which is very convenient. My grandpa lives right by you and my uncle owns the "In's" grocery store on the Re di Roma square. I went to high school right by the Manzoni subway stop so I know that area very well haha hope you're enjoying Rome!