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💻Purge Google Drive and complete migration to Dropbox (down to 230GB)

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@kaigradert curious, is this for personal or PH and why Dropbox over Drive?
@waqasali Personal use. I ended up with over 2TB of hidden files in Google Drive from a third-party backup service. When I uninstalled/unlinked the service, it did not clean up their hidden files. I am not sure if that is a Google Drive or third-party bug. Either way, Google Drive has no way to purge an entire drive. I did not find out for months that these hidden files took up my paid quota. Long story. Lots of back and forth with Google Support. They were not helpful at all. It is hard to believe that cloud services get away with not having a “Erase All My Data” function. At this point, I am exclusively using Dropbox for personal and business use, and Amazon for bulk (cold) storage.
Down to 230GB from over 2TB.
On hold for now. Will pick this up over the summer.