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Finish wireframes!

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@juliey4 what are you working on, Julie!? If you want a set of eyes on them for feedback, happy to help. I make no guarantees that my feedback will be useful though. 😉 Btw, feel free to add the name of the project in your goal so others have context and can potentially help.
@rrhoover it's a consumer social app! I'm still in prototyping stage, but here's my sketch landing page and sketch URL: www.fractallabs.xyz
@rrhoover and yes I would LOVE your feedback on initial design/vision when it's a little more focused!
@juliey4 haha, love the tagline, "another social networking app lol" Keep me posted!
@juliey4 @rrhoover Mysterious... "Coming Soon ™" 👀 Also happy to provide feedback!