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💁Listen to mama and get Beta rolled out ASAP 🙆

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@jtha Keep going! When do you plan to launch?
@jamesg_oca Plan is Q1. Any pointers ahead of launch?
@jtha I'll second James question! When are you hoping to launch?
@guillaumebardet Plan is Q1. Any pointers ahead of launch?
@jeffrey_tha Nice, I wish you the best! The following might help a bit; PH Blog post about launching on the platform: I would then recommend searching Medium & Indie Hackers for articles about launching on product hunt. You will likely find quite a few results. Then, in terms of a hunter, you don't really need one. But if you're really looking for one for your first launch I would recommend If you have any questions during the launch, you can always reach them by using the intercom chat. They're always very kind and happy to help. :) You could also join certain communities online like: Work in Progress by @marckohlbrugge. Makerlog 2.0 by @ftxrc. I hope this will help a bit. You can always reach me on Twitter if you have any other questions along the way!
@marckohlbrugge @ftxrc @guillaumebardet thanks very much for taking the time to provide us the advice!
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