Jesse Pujji

Jesse Pujji

Founder and CEO, Kahani


Jesse is an entrepreneur, investor and executive whose passion is helping people learn and grow through the power of entrepreneurship. He currently serves as Founder & CEO of Kahani, a software that transforms ecommerce stores from boring websites into engaging mobile experiences. He also serves as Founder of Gateway X and Executive Chairman of Ampush and GrowthAssistant. He also hosts The Crazy Ones podcast! ​ Prior to GX, Jesse co-founded and was CEO of Ampush. During his tenure, Ampush grew to over 100 Ampushers, managed over $1BN of digital media spend and partnered with brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Uber, Birchbox and Hulu. He also led efforts in two strategic acquisitions, one divestiture and raising $15M from Red Ventures.



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