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Find a 'self watering' plant system and use it #letthemlive

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In case anyone is interested, the self watering plant system I use consists of: - A potted plant (in soil) 🌱 - A push-pull water bottle filled with water 😄 How to use it: 1. Keep the push-pull water bottle head open so that it allows water to come out on its own slowly but surely. 2. Take your potted plant and carve a small hole into the soil of the plant. Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the open bottle head and a little bit of the bottle. 3. Stick your bottle in the plant soil face down so that water can be drank by the soil. 4. Make sure the bottle remains in tact by surrounding it with the dirt you removed to previously create a whole to fit your bottle in. 4. You're all done! Why does this work? The bottle head releases water out very slowly and does not pour water into the plant soil all at once. Because the bottle head has a little bit of pressure on it when it is inside the plant soil it allows for the water to only come out when the surrounding areas of the bottle head are dry. This allows for the water to come out at the speed of which your plants needs to drink as it will only come out when the plant is 'thirsty'.