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Read 35 books in 2019

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@jppotess any strategy about that?
@jppotess What books are you planning on reading? Also why 35?
@dannyaziz97 I have a few set for the first few then I’ll just add to the list when these finish - spanning some different areas - Eros and civilization, the ethics of ambiguity, superintelligence, the adolescent, then some fictions in Portuguese to help learn. And 35 just felt like a good number, I did 20 this year relatively easy and wanted to push myself more.
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@jppotess Nice, out of the 20 you read in 2018 which would you read again and why?
@dannyaziz97 The Wisdom of Insecurity, Alan Watts I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Alan Watts. About experiencing fully the present moment and the fallacy of the false sense of security we strive for in an inherently insecure world. Ishmael, Daniel Quinn It was an interesting and powerful read on a different perspective of humanity and the agrarian revolution 10,000 ago - and the potential negative results of that change. The Elephant in the Brain, Kevin Simler This gave more understanding of my own/humanity’s hidden motivations and the effects of this on a larger social scale. Destiny Disrupted, Tamim Ansary I don’t have much familiarity with the history of Islam - this was a very interesting and enlightening intro and I really enjoyed the writing style.
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@jppotess Thanks for these, I just purchased The Wisdom Of Insecurity
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@dannyaziz97 awesome I hope you enjoy it!
@jppotess Get Blinkist and you can read 35 books in a day 😂
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@jppotess Congrats on the long haul!