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🛎Create simple Mac app to add to my menu bar

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@joshuajansen Thanks for introducing me to this Twitter feed - please hunt the Mac app when you're done. 😸
@abadesi will do! 😊I might be a bit too optimistic with my due date tho ;-)
@joshuajansen this could be a fun side project idea for other Twitter accounts
@rrhoover yes, was planning on making the Twitter account configurable. Maybe even provide some suggestions from within the app. Any particular Twitter accounts that come to mind for you?
@joshuajansen Oh I would love to have a Mac app for that 👍 I am a follower since I discovered this account and always find it nice to see one of its tweets in my timeline
@joshuajansen This is awesome! Will this work for all Twitter accounts?
@m1guelpf nice! Glad you like the idea. Initial version is specifically for tinycarebot, but will add support for other Twitter account soon 😊 What other Twitter account(s) did you have in mind?
@joshuajansen Well, it could be useful to follow news bots (or ever @ProductHunt)
@producthunt @m1guelpf ah yes, nice one! 👍 I can totally see how it could be useful like that
@abadesi @rrhoover @mrcalexandre @m1guelpf it's finally live! 🎉 Apple initially rejected the app when it was specifically for @tinycarebot. So I added a settings screen that'll allow you to configure which Twitter account to use. Ones I used while testing: @ShowerThoughtts @EmojiAquarium and of course @tinycarebot. To justify me buying a Apple developer membership and to support any future development a bit, I picked the "cup of coffee" price point: I'd be happy to hear what you think! Thanks 😊
@joshuajansen This is awesome congrats! Won't you hunt it so you can also get feedback from the community? 😄
Thanks @abadesi! I will hunt it as well, even though it feels a bit premature.. The average hunt is so polished these days 😳
@joshuajansen NICE! Sharing on Twitter shortly. Btw, is it possible to upload a cropped version of the GIF in the product page that doesn't have so much whitespace at the top and bottom? It will make the page look a bit better.
@rrhoover awesome! Thanks 😄 I deliberately added the whitespace because of the dimension of the original gif, but I do agree that it doesn't look very nice.. I now cropped it different so I can drop the whitespace at the expense of a lower resolution. Does already look a bit better I think. Might try to create a new screen recording in a bit.