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Buy 3D Printer

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@joshdance that's awesome, what do you plan on doing with it?
@ayrton I have a few projects that I am looking forward to. Fixing my car dome light switch. Printing nested containers. Then I hope to use it for a few silicon molds. Then I might print some geometric animals for my sister.
@joshdance 3D Printers are really awesome! Hope you'll love using it :)
@satwaya I have wanted one for years. Excited to get started. After I publish my app. :)
@joshdance What price are you looking for? I have the TEVO Tarantula which is pretty cheap:
I've also heard from many people that the Creality CR-10 is a great and relatively cheap 3D printer:
@joshdance Looks awesome! Tell me how it is if you get it!
@booligoosh @joshdance I had a couple Makerbots and a Formlabs Form 1. For FDM I think there are a ton of viable alternatives. For more intricate prints using SL (Form 1, 2, etc.), I had a good experience with Formlabs (although price is steep).