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💬Get feedback on Castwatch Landing Page

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@josemontiel I'm having a lot of trouble telling who this product is actually aimed at from the homepage, maybe you could make a clearer statement in the hero banner for that?
@vivavolt Very interesting, will definitely get on it, thanks!
Hey @vivavolt, I pushed a new Landing Page with different hero messaging, would mind checking it out please? Thanks!
@josemontiel Nice! 🙌 That's wayyyy clearer
@vivavolt Awesome, thank you very much for your help!
@josemontiel quick first impression: the cookie banner + intercom popup is really distracting. Perhaps reduce the size of the banner and disable the intercom message from appearing immediately.
Wow @rrhoover, big fan, thank you taking the time for checking it out. I have taken your input into account for next deployment 👍🏻
@josemontiel I suggest thinner fonts (for headings) and zero radius for boxes to get a better look.
Thank you very much for your feedback @cyberiaa !
@josemontiel It looks great! I'd probably second what Ryan said about the intercom chat, the landing design is great it almost feels like a waste to have the intercom chat with all the options show the way it did, it was a bit distracting.
Thanks @guillaumebardet ! I definitely thought I had disabled the auto stuff from intercom. I'll double check.
@josemontiel I am pretty sure that happened to me too lol. I find the one we have on Qlearly now to be somewhat less distracting even though it might be a bit less welcoming.