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🐦 Come up with Keynote / Twitter related app name

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It will be a Mac tool to help presenters engage their audience
@jordibruin Interesting! Do you want to setup an Upcoming page for it on Ship?
@jordibruin Also, Keytweet, Tweetnote lol πŸ€” Or you can just brand it around any specific bird 🐦
@amrith I will once I get a version up and running hopefully early next week! There's a lot more experimentation involved than I had expected.
@amrith I was using KeynoteTweeter as a placeholder right now so we're on the same track hah!
@amrith @jordibruin Actually I built a product named tweetmash. It was a wall of popular tweets (realtime) for specific hastag and we have dropped it :( You can use that name if you want.
@jordibruin When I look for an app name, I usually test it with all these: - and (you never know!) - (always good to check) - and (to check available domains)
@syswarren great suggestions, I wasn't thinking this far ahead yet but these are definitely all good places to check!
Think I'm going to go with Keytweet for now! Just thought of it, but then.. when I went to get feedback.. I noticed that @amirth mentioned that one as well. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ If you want to stay in the loop, follow