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🍴 Learn a new git command for the next 30 days [30/30]

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@jonathanvoelkle This is a pretty cool idea for a goal :) I should probably do something like this but for vim features 🙈
@jonathanvoelkle How is it going? What's been the most challenging command so far?
@abadesi undo a commit and redo it. That was the kick-off moment.
@jonathanvoelkle I'll give you a cool one: `git checkout -`. It will checkout to the previous branch that you were on!
@jonathanvoelkle I really like this goal 👍 I should do the same, I still only know the basic ones and a several more.
@jonathanvoelkle Love your goal! You'll probably be the only one who knows how it works haha!
Not really 30 days, but 30 commands ✅