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👨🏻‍💻Work in a Start Up in Singapore for Free. They say it's a 2 week test. So this is how startups test their prospects.

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@joeyologyph, isn't 2 weeks too long as an initial testing period? What's the position you'll be working as?
Hey @lubo! It's for a Data Engineer job.
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@joeyologyph, I see now. Still, 2 weeks without a payment might be a struggle. You may ask them for non-material incentive package at the end of the period to make sure that you'll get the best out of the startup both as a working experience and personal development.
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@joeyologyph Hey Joey! How much experience and what background do you have? It's not good to work 2 weeks for free. Even for internship in SG are willing to pay 6k-9k$
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@alexwawl Hey! I have over 10 years XP in BI/DW. Wow that's more than enough! My setup is remote. I'm from Philippines. And we found each other via
@joeyologyph you should not work for free never. Of course company can ask about trial period if you are a student but 2 weeks also a lot. If you work you should get money. If you have time you can sign in and fill your profile on and get personalized newsletters, job notifications, opportunity to apply directly on platform without any resume, CVs, etc. Also I'm working on add a lot of feature to optimize hiring process using a lot of data and ML. If you are interested or have any feature requests - feel free to ask. And remember - in 99% cases you should get money for your work😉
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@joeyologyph Wow! They do that in Singapore? What stage of a startup is it?
@cleavatron hey! yeah they are based in SG. Not sure what stage they are in though.
@cleavatron hey! it's Pre-seed stage. Not sure what that means though.
@joeyologyph Ahh I see. It's a very early stage startup then. I thought it was Grab lol. Anyways, they'll probably offer you some equity. I don't believe it is a normal practice to get someone to work for free for two weeks. I've never heard of this being done in Malaysia, nor in Singapore for that matter.
@cleavatron the test is kind of like an actual work that's why I feel like I'm working already. but they say it's a test.