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Built online buzz for my Rental Property Analysis Tool - ask for link/info

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@joep Amazing! What's your approach to building hype / initial awareness for your new product?
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@whizzzoe The main strategy is to try and include influencers in the space. People with lots of twitter followers, and bloggers with an audience that overlaps my target population. I'd like to add a Product Hunt campaign to my launch events.. but I'm still new to this and not exactly sure where to start. Suggestions are welcome!
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@joep Thanks for sharing it with me. Yeah, I saw your upcoming page for RentZend's property analysis tool. Social influencers are huge user acquisition channels, I'm sure you're tapping into it with lots of opportunities within sight. You can also reach out to property investment consultants (or even related companies). DM to give them a trial for using your tool, so their followers will become aware of your product. Some property forums or Reddit might be useful too I think. Hope it helps :)
@whizzzoe Thanks for chiming in! It agree that influencers and other individuals who work with property investors are key to spreading the word. RE Reddit: isn't frowned upon to promote yourself on these forums? Any experience with that?
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@joep You're welcome Joep! Glad to be of help. Yeah, I agree forums like reddit aren't fans of aggressive promotional content, similar to some FB groups. Can frame it in a helpful way, storytellling approach to make ourselves relevant to the community. It takes being authentic and non-salesly way in order to reach out to them.
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