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Earn more online certifications (hubspot/SEMrush)

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@joelenemarie Hi Joelene, do you often learn to get online certifications? Which courses did you take so far?
@aleks_muse I'm a big fan of free online learning resources, free online certifications that are industry recognized even more so. Hubspot Academy has several great free online classes and certifications covering sales, marketing, design, and more. I currently hold the Inbound certification and plan to pick up the User-Centered Design certification and a few of the others. SEMrush Academy is another great free resource. I have the SEMrush Certification for Content Marketers and plan to get the SEO and PPC certifications as well. Salesforce Trailhead training modules are also free and they've used gamification to make it fun. Of course Google has tons of free online classes for AdWords and Google Analytics, both with free certifications. YouTube has Creator's Academy and I think they still provide free certifications. And since I have background in accounting/bookkeeping I figured it couldn't hurt to get my QuickBooks certification, which along with online training courses, is also free. I may look at getting certified in Xero and/or other QB competitors too.
@joelenemarie Wow that's impressive. 😊
@joelenemarie My friends are actually building a platform that will aggregate courses from different websites like Coursera, EDx, etc based on topics and different skills you want to learn. Would you be interested in giving us some feedback about it? 😊