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@jebarjonet hey checked looks cool :) can bring comparisons like how stackshare does. #suggestion
@sivaram636 thanks! I have troubles with the concept of comments for this kind of website actually (as it is not really a community, more like a one time visit thing), I am thinking of other ways of bringing interactions without having to write stuff! What do you think?
@jebarjonet yup comments won't work here. What sort of interactions it would be ?
@sivaram636 I thought about other characteristics like "good for beginners", "advanced", "has been", "will probably become a standard", etc. that could be voted instead of only "up vote". That could be a first step maybe? But I will be in vacation tomorrow for a week so I will have some time to think about it I guess 😂
@jebarjonet Can brought comments(one liner) and it can have upvotes. Comments Like "large community", "Readable code" , "well maintained" . That would definitely help people to chose the stack.
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@sivaram636 I really like that one line comment idea! It would also prevent debates like "omg React does not have a native router so lame" kind of comments
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