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Launch state of the art tech stack list website

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@jebarjonet Cool, when are you launching? What makes it state of the art?
@abadesi I hope I will have the time to ship it in a week (max 2) as I have a full time job taking the vast majority of my time (commuting is a big hobby too 😂) The idea is to list current web technologies and show which stacks (which groups of technologies) fit well together to start a tech project asap. The goal is to help people stop spending hours wandering which tech they should use to bootstrap their new projects.
@jebarjonet Gotta love commuting! (not) I think this will help a lot of people starting new projects... I look forward to seeing it.
For anyone passing by, I just released today 🎉let me know if you have any feedback on it I would love to read that!
@jebarjonet very cool, I like the simple layout... would you consider giving people more qualitative data like pros and cons of each, or perhaps give examples of the types of sites and apps each part of the stack is best suited for? And when are you going to post it for the PH community?
@abadesi thank you! 🎉Those are great ideas! I received quiet a lot of feedback on this actually (that's super cool), I am going to update the app according to it this week!! At first I though it would not be very suited for PH but after the feedbacks I received I think I will 🙂 So I am going to update it then publish it on PH. (Also I don't currently have the access to add a product on PH yet, especially the "like 3 products in a row", so I have to get this access first)