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Send first round of beta email invites for https://www.fairpay.app

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@jcalvarezjr beautiful website. How did you go about building your email list?
@aidanbreen hey there, thanks! I'm active on IH and Quora, also ran 1 Google Ads campaign that delivered 16k impressions and kept my CPC at $0.32, this was where the bulk of my sign ups have come from so far. I haven't really started the marketing portion of the project, so I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be.
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@jcalvarezjr I didn't fully understand what is the app about? can you explain or demo video?
@souhailmerroun hi Souhail, the web app is for those who want to manage their career, namely in the corporate world, or wherever organizations implement Performance Reviews/Evaluations. For example, if you've been at a job for a year you normally get an annual performance review (nowadays quarterly, frequency has actually increased) with your boss and/or HR. They review your performance for the year and what you've achieved, set targets for the coming year etc. What Fairpay does, is it makes the preparation easy, so for example Performance Reviews have notoriously been one-sided, your boss leads it, you're just there really to listen. With Fairpay (for now, because there's more planned) you can show up with YOUR list of accomplishments and areas where YOU'VE created value for your organization, making the discussion for a potential wage increase (pay raise) much easier and natural. You've now got the toolbox to kick off the discussion. Ultimately, I/we want to make sure students like yourself are targeted with our platform in order to prepare you for what's to come, and make the whole process much palatable and easier.
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@jcalvarezjr thanks for explaining. good luck.